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About Us

Touch Risk is based in Switzerland and specializes in creating next-generation insurance solutions backed by top (Re)insurers, tailored to industry 4.0 needs. Touch Risk is transforming either existing products or developing genuine new insurance products to address evolving industry 4.0 needs, collaborating closely with clients and prioritizing sustainability. Leveraging advanced AI/ML technology, Touch Risk ensures proactive risk management for their clients.


V. Sinan Geylani

Sinan Geylani is the Founder of Touch Risk GmbH Technologies and based in Zurich. 

Geylani has over 15 years of experience in the insurance industry in various roles, companies and regions. His expertise ranges from the development of innovative products and strategic initiatives to insurance underwriting of Europe, US, Asia, Middle East and Africa. 

Geylani has been developing product & technology architecture and pricing models for new insurance products which are developed to serve the needs of new emerging economies & technologies like insurance products for Autonomous Vehicles, AI, Crypto, Sharing Economy and Digital Payments.

Sinan Geylani has an EMBA degree from Columbia Business School & London Business School, and MA in Economics from Bogazici University and BSc degree in Civil Engineering from Bogazici University. Geylani was awarded by London Business School as the "Alumni of the last Decade" in 2021. Geylani holds a patent Methods and Systems for Continuous Risk Monitoring and Dynamic Underwriting Pricing.

Mirela Dimofte is the Co-Founder of Touch Risk GmbH Technologies and based in Zurich. 

Mirela has 25 years experience in insurance industry, with more than 20 years in leadership positions in operational entities, regional and group level. She has a broad international experience, working across several countries in Eastern Europe, Germany and Switzerland and leading projects in Asia, Australia and Western Europe.

Dimofte holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Cybernetics and Economic Forecast and a Master's Degree in Quantitative Economy, both from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest.

Mirela Dimofte enrolled in a Board Certificate Program with the University of St. Gallen ad is a DLT Talent at University of Frankfurt.

Mirela Dimofte

At Touch Risk, we believe that insurance becomes truly meaningful only when we engage with risks using today's technology. We envision an insurance landscape where risks are not just anticipated but actively addressed, creating opportunities for our clients and partners.


By harnessing the power of modern technology, we delve into previously untapped risk domains, unlocking new possibilities for protection. Our expertise lies in integrating diverse data streams to craft tailored insurance solutions that precisely align with stakeholders' needs.


Our mission is not merely to predict the future of insurance, but to shape it, making insurance more accessible, adaptable, and indispensable in our interconnected world.

Our Vision

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